Saving For Change

Photo: Jane Hahn/Oxfam America

Saving For Change




Geographical focus

  • Cambodia
  • El Salvador
  • Ethiopia
  • Guatemala
  • Mali
  • Senegal


  • Gender Mainstreaming

  • Standalone

Works in

  • Rural Contexts

  • Urban Contexts

WEE outcomes

  • Access to financial services for women
  • Increased self esteem and confidence
  • Women’s increased financial decision-making power at the household level

Saving for Change (SfC) is a savings groups programme that increases resilience and financial assets. It trains groups of women to save regularly, borrow from their group’s fund and repay loans with interest. At the end of a saving cycle he fund is divided and each woman receives her savings plus a share of the profit.


Savings groups (SGs) respond to the unmet needs of the rural poor by providing a secure place to save; the opportunity to borrow in small amounts and on flexible terms; and a network of support and solidarity.


  • Successful in Increasing savings, food security and investment in livestock. 
  • Promotes solidarity and builds social capital
  • Savings groups constitute a transparent and sustainable complement to formal and informal financial services.
  • Methodology is simple, efficient and easily scalable as groups are self-selected and self-managed by rights-holders. 
  • Cost-effective model requiring minimal infrastructure.