How to use the platform

This online platform,, supports the work of the hub by enabling Oxfam staff, partners and others working on smallholder agriculture and WEE to exchange learning, stories and experiences, as well as access valuable resources. It also enables country teams and regional networks to easily amplify their learning and planned activities to others in other countries and regions who may be interested in engaging with or learning from them.

More than a resource centre, this platform enables registered members to engage and share information through the following features:

  • Post a blog: share perspectives, programme updates, new research or other initiatives on women's economic empowerment in agriculture
  • Add an event to the calendar: let others know about key events either at country, regional or global levels, including webinars
  • Post a contribution to the forum: post questions or share announcements on any topic related to women's economic empowerment in agriculture
  • Join a group: engage with groups of members on thematic or geographic topics

Every two weeks, all members receive a bi-weekly digest including all new blogs, discussions, events and videos.

Click on one of the categories above for detailed indications on how to proceed.

Post a blog

  • From the homepage, locate the section named "BLOG POSTS" and click on "Add a blog post".

  • (1) You are then redirected to a new screen.
  • (2) Enter the title of the post. This title will be visible from the homepage once published. The title should describe the theme of the blog. Avoid using acronyms as some visitors may not be familiar with the topic of your blog.
  • (3) Enter the text of your blog. It is recommended to write the text in Word and to copy and paste the text in the dedicated area. It is recommended to include images to illustrate your blog.
  • (4) In the tags box, indicate the key topics related to your blog, separated by commas. This allows finding your blog when using the "Search" function.
  • (5) Indicate the date when you would like your blog to be posted. It is recommended to select "Now".
  • (6) The next section allows indicating who can view and comment the post. Following our aim to encourage discussions and members' engagement, everyone can view and comment on posts.
  • (7) If you would like to save your blog post without publishing it, click on "Save as Draft". You can also preview your blog. Once you are satisfied with your blog, click on "Publish Post". Your blog post will then be sent for approval to the platform manager. Your blog post will be posted shortly!

Add an event to the calendar

  • From the homepage, locate the section named "EVENTS" and click on "Add an event".

  • (1) Enter the title/name of the event.
  • (2) You can choose to include an image.
  • (3) Use the text field to provide information on the content of the event. You can include links, files or images.
  • (4) Indicate the type of event (conference, webinar, workshop, etc)
  • (5) Indicate the start and end date/time
  • (6) Indicate the location. Only the first line will be visible on the homepage. Is it therefore recommended to include the city and country. Add the name of the organiser on the last line.
  • (7) You can choose who can view the details of the event, enable/disable RSVP and display/hide the guest list. 
  • Once done, click on "Add the event". Your event is now visible on the homepage.

Post a contribution to the forum

  • From the homepage, locate the section named "FORUM" and click on "Add a discussion".

  • (1) Identify a title for your discussion that will trigger the interest of other members
  • (2) Enter the text of your discussion post. You can format your text as needed using the buttons located above the text field.
  • (3) You have the possibility to customise the weblink. This is optional.
  • (4) Choose the relevant category for your discussion. Discussions can be filtered by category from the "Discussions" page.
  • (5) You can tag your post with relevant themes. Themes must be delineated by commas. Tagging posts improves search results.
  • (6) Up to 3 files can be attached to a post. Click on choose file and locate the file you want to upload from your computer.
  • (7) You can then preview your post. If you are satisfied with the post, click on "Add discussion". The post is then visible on the homepage and on the "Discussions" page.

Take part in group discussions

  • To view all groups, from the homepage, locate the section named "GROUPS" and click on "View all".

  • Identifying a group that is of interest to you and click on its title.

  • Groups are either open or accessible upon invitation.
  • (1) If the group you would like to join is open, click Join the group! If access to the group is upon invitation, you may contact the Group moderator.

  • Once you become member, you have the possibility to engage with the group.
  • (1) Use the discussion forum to inform members or ask questions.
  • (2) You can invite new members to join. You can also "Follow" members. This means that you will receive notifications when those members contribute to the platform.
  • (3) Finally, you can create new pages with information relevant to the topic which will be accessible to the group members.