Women's Economic Empowerment and Care (WE-Care), running from 2014-2016, will develop and implement methodologies to address 'heavy and unequal' care responsibilities. Activities in Colombia, Ethiopia, Malawi, Philippines, Uganda, Zimbabwe (funded by W&F Hewlett Foundation), Bangladesh, Zambia, and others. Links to Effectiveness Reviews, M-Nutrition, advocacy and the OI WEE Knowledge Hub.

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The full RCA report from Oromia region in Ethiopia is now available on the WE-CARE resources page. Visit: http://growsellthrive.org/our-work/we-care#RCA


Recording and presentation from the webinar on Wed, 22 July 2015 on "One year of WE-Care learning and achievements"


For recordings from previous webinars go to the Webinars page on the right hand side, under pages. 

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  • Thank you for opening this group!

    I am in Uganda at the moment and we will start the RCA and HCS soon. A few days ago, I met up with the facilitators for the RCA and when we discussed the question 'what is care', one of the facilitators read out a text to us that she said made it clear to her what care was. She later sent me the text and I am forwarding it to you:


    Applications are invited for the position of manager of a lively team of four demanding individuals of different needs and personalities.The successful applicant will be required to perform and coordinate the following functions: companion, counselor, financial manager, buying officer, teacher, nurse, chef, nutritionist, cleaner, gardener,childcare supervisor and recreation officer.

    Applicants must have unlimited drive and the strongest sense of
    responsibility. They must be independent and self motivated and be able to work in isolation without any supervision. They must skilled in managing people of all ages. They must be able to work under stress for long periods of time. They must have the ability to handle new developments in the life of the team, including emergencies and serious crises. They must be able to communicate on a range of issues with people of all ages including public servants, schools teachers,medical practitioners, traders, teenagers and children. They must be
    healthy, creative, active and outgoing. They must have imagination, sensitivity, warmth and understanding since they are responsible for the emotional and mental well being of the team.

    All working hours and a 24 hour shift where necessary.

    None. Allowances by arrangement with the income earning member of the team. The successful applicant may be required to hold a second job in addition to the one advertised.

    No guaranteed holidays sick leave, maternity leave or long service leave. No guaranteed life or accident insurance. No workers compensation. No superannuation.

    (From: No more peanuts: Liberty, National Council for Civil Liberties, 1990)

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