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Website: http://policy-practice.oxfam.org.uk/our-work/private-sector-markets/enterprise-development

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  • Hi, The dropbox link mentioned above doesn't work.  However, Fabian has created a new dropbox folder for EDP Phase 2 resources.  Within this folder I have created subfolders for photes, case studies, and stories that can be used by us and our fundraising teams.  I have also created a folder that will gradually be filled with all of the templates that you will need for outline proposals, full proposals, Service Level Agreements and more! Please get in touch if you need me to set the permissions for you to access the materials.

  • I attended a recent conference on Impact Investing, confirmed to me we've taken a difficult sector but few others have, so we are relevant. Five points for whoever spots me first on a picture: https://custom.cvent.com/6CE456D086CC47E6BA0C9C7E98CF73BC/files/0bf...

    Also, I wrote to you all to say IC papers are sent. Thanks for all the work. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cvr5blj7rvr9jbq/AAC5qiAdI-rHYntAODOzznGE...

  • I think I have now finally been able to share with you all that I am leaving Oxfam on the 15th of July. We'll talk and I'll be in touch before then (and afterwards I'm sure). Fabian starts officially on the 11th and I hope to organise phone calls with you all in the next few days. I'm sure you'll give him the same support and friendship you gave me. I might share a few final reflections on EDP in my last few days, but for the time being, let's all keep working hard, lots going on, IC reports, new projects, portfolio enterprises, etc!


  • Hi, a few weeks ago we carried out the first event of our research on what makes cooperatives successful. 100 coops participated and have filled in the survey. Check it out: https://sites.google.com/site/edcooperatives/collaborative-edc/7-ug...

  • Last Tuesday we had our first Investment Committee of 2016. Well done for everyone helping prepare concept notes and provide updates. Highlights include: 

    - investment committee liked the soy cooperative in Rwanda. Based on the experience from Sri Lanka where we had a small factory working with wrong electricity, wrong machines, wrong layout for months, they want us to have an expert have a look at these technical issues. 

    - they also liked the fruitbag idea from Bangladesh (see http://www.thedailystar.net/country/eco-friendly-bagging-method-sav...), but are wondering if buying a machine to manufacture locally is necessary. 

    We'll work with the two teams to refine in the next two months. 

    Any thoughts or ideas, please share!

  • It took a while but we now have our latest Semester Report in a public version which we are using for donors; it's great and it's here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6q4q7gtqyqd5kp6/EDP%20Feb2016%20report%20... 

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  • Investment Committee 2016 dates

    - Friday 15th of April - deadline for Concept Notes to IC (let's prioritise that over the next 3 weeks!)
    - Tuesday 26th of April 9-11 UK - Investment Committee meets to discuss concept notes - Please be available from 2pm Asia, from 12 Africa, from 7am LAC
    - End of May - deadline for enterprise semester reports - Would normally be end of April (covering till end of March), but as the IC is later in July, we can extend depending on country pressures. Happy to keep old date if better for you and we can do quick update a month later.
    - Friday 8th July - deadline for IC submissions (concepts/full proposals)
    - Tuesday 19th July 11-15 UK - Investment Committee meets - to discuss full proposals plus semester reports - Please be available from 3pm Asia, from 13 Africa, from 8am LAC
    - Friday 16th September - deadline for IC submissions (concepts/full proposals)
    - Tuesday 27th September 11-15 - Investment Committee - Please be available from 3pm Asia, from 13 Africa, from 8am LAC
    - End of October - deadline for next semester reports.
    - Friday 18th of November - deadline for IC submissions (concepts/full proposals)
    - Early December (date yet to be confirmed) - Investment Committee.

  • What about printing EDP summaries for visitors?

    Our CEO Mark Goldring has visited 3 EDP countries in the last two years. He loves the programme and always praises the good work you all do. But he also tells me that he and other visitors often miss having more detailed information about the performance of the businesses. What about every country edits and prints out a few copies of the 1-page reports we produce for the Investment Committee/Board? Make sure people in charge of guiding visitors (eg Country Directors) have a read it and have copies to share. It's key to be transparent: sales have gone up or down, margins are this or that, loan has been repaid or not. People who visit EDP will be impressed of the analysis we do, and enjoy having honest clear and answers to their questions. 

  • Today I participated in Oxfam Spain's ECV's (similar to EDP) Investment Committee which operates in Bolivia, Paraguay, Mauritania, Burkina Fasso. Enterprises reviewed included mango juice, cheese, veterinary services, feed manufacturer, honey, dried fish. Some of them less advanced than EDP but if you want details on any sector, I can share.

  • I just finished this presentation for a donor-policy forum where David Bright talks about EDP, it's here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xf6wit6zf54w5mn/EDP%20for%20Donor_Policy%.... And right after I finished someone sends me all this additional recent research about 'rural SME finance'! https://www.smefinanceforum.org/post/new-trends-in-agricultural-fin...

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Building a Global EDP Team

Fabian and I are on our way back to Europe after a brilliant trip to Bangladesh.  We were hosted by EDP Bangladesh, but were really pleased that EDP Nepal also joined us.  It was a great opportunity for the team members to get to know each other, exchange ideas, and develop EDP processes.  The highlight of the trip was visiting our newest EDP Phase 2 project, the Chetona Fish Hatchery, and a pipeline project, the Bolon Duck Hatchery.  Or was the highlight of the week our "mock Investment…

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Sankalp Forum in Mumbai, report from Bhim (Nepal)

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Impact Scorecards

Hi all,Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with David Apgar (http://www.theglobalist.com/contributors/david-apgar/). He is currently testing what he has labeled the Impact Scorecard, a simple scorecard that allows entrepreneurs to improve performance in terms of sales, profits, water use, waste and/or other relevant KPIs. This seemed particularly useful for Oxfam Americas WISE progamme (http://www.oxfamamerica.org/explore/research-publications/the-power-of-women-entrepreneurs/). I…

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