Enterprise Development Programme

Photo: Aubrey Wade

Enterprise Development Programme (EDP)




Geographical focus

  • Bangladesh

  • Ethiopia

  • Honduras

  • Nepal

  • Rwanda

  • Previous investments in Colombia and Armenia


  • Gender Mainstreaming

  • Standalone

Works in

  • Rural Contexts

  • Urban Contexts

WEE outcomes

  • Better access to credit

  • Increased household income and material wellbeing

  • Increased involvement of women in decision-making at the household , enterprise and community levels

  • Improvement of women’s self-perception


Supports early-stage agricultural enterprises through a social impact-only vehicle that provides: loan finance (typically in partnership with local banks); business grants (e.g. for capital equipment); and business development support. The funds recovered from loans are recycled within the portfolio for new investments or additional support to the existing ones.


Uses WEL and GEM methodologies – for instance to ensure a systemic perspective of market systems is applied  and to ensure climate change adaptation and women’s empowerment are supported.

The approach is common to both Oxfam Intermón's Empresas que Cambian Vidas (ECV) and Oxfam GB's Entreprise Development Programme (EDP).


  • Targets early stage enterprises with a loan range from $20,000 to $250,00.

  • Builds sustainable businesses, by strengthening them and helping them grow.

  • Uses gendered analysis of markets to understand who is present in the different links of the supply chain, who can access services, assets and inputs as well as gaps and opportunities for enterprise development.

  • Analyses specific barriers that women face in the market and in the household, as well as economic opportunities that work better for women.

  • Applies multi-dimensional strategies such as supporting agricultural and business skills, but also carrying out separate activities to build women’s confidence, or address particular structural constraints.

Meet the team

Program lead: Fabian Llinares - fllinares@oxfam.org.uk