Diagnostic tool on social norms, and main findings from Bangladesh

As part of the Practitioner Learning Group initiative, Oxfam's Empower Youth for Work programme recently developed and tested a diagnostic tool to identify specific social norms in the economy that influence women's inclusion and leadership in the economy. This tool was tested in two communities in Bangladesh. Other organisations also plan to test the tool, such as Swiss Contact in Kosovo.

Download Diagnostic Tool to Identify Social Norms in the Economy

Report of Findings from Bangladesh (coming soon!)

In the webinar below, Oxfam staff members present on the Practitioner Learning Group, as well as the methodology used by Oxfam to diagnose social norms, and the main findings from Bangladesh.  The purpose of the webinar wasto inform staff from Empower Youth for Work programme in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia and Ethiopia about the overall learning trajectory on social norms, including the diagnostic tool so that they can consider rolling it out in their respective programmes.

Link to video coming soon.


Ronald van Moorten, Youth Researcher, Introduces and frames the purpose of the webinar

Claudia Canepa, Knowledge Hub Coordinator, WEE in Agriculture, Provides an overview of the Practitioner Learning Group on Social Norms and some key insights so far

Imogen Davies, Youth and WE-Care Adviser, presents the methodology tested in Bangladesh for diagnosing social norms in the economy

Pushpita Saha, MEAL Adviser, presents the findings from testing the tool in Bangladesh.


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