Davos success: Oxfam's unpaid care asks featured on CNN and at least 21 other news outlets!

Congratulations to Man-Kwun Chan, Anam Parvez and Francesca Rhodes whose work has led to recommendations on unpaid care and domestic work, outlined in Oxfam's inequality report for the World Economic Forum, being featured on CNN, Deutsch Welle, three regional news outlets and mainstream media in at least 17 countries!

This mainstream international media coverage on unpaid care work is unprecedented and a real coup.

Oxfam's 2019 inequality report focuses on the unparalleled power of universal public services like education and health in tackling poverty and reducing inequality. It draws attention to the gendered nature of economic inequality with a particular emphasis on unpaid care work. To illustrate this, it states that if all the unpaid care work done by women across the globe were carried out by a single company, it would have an annual turnover of $10 trillion - 43 times that of Apple.

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