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Powerful Participatory Learning Centres!

‘Women cannot only hold POTS and PANS but they can equally handle PLOTS and PLANS’. I read this line some 15 years ago, when I was an eighth-grade school student. I found the statement so strong, that I repeat it again and again. It strongly states the transition of women from the four walls of a house to a boundary-less sky with no limits. Since…


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How to integrate gender in research planning

Anam Parvez Butt and Irene Guijt from Oxfam’s research team introduce our latest research guidelines for development practitioners.

High quality research is critical for…


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Davos success: Oxfam's unpaid care asks featured on CNN and at least 21 other news outlets!

Congratulations to Man-Kwun Chan, Anam Parvez and Francesca Rhodes whose work has led to recommendations on unpaid care and domestic work, outlined in Oxfam's inequality…


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Diverse pathways to women's economic empowerment: stories from three local leaders on International Women’s Day

Mara Bolis, Associate Director for WEE at Oxfam US, spent the days immediately preceding this year’s International Women’s Day with women participating in Oxfam’s programming in Cambodia. Their experiences offer an insight into the different pathways to economic empowerment available to women and illustrate the complex factors involved in achieving it.

Read more on the Next…


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Oxfam's Claudia Canepa receives SEEP's Practitioner of the Year Award in Women's Economic Empowerment

Claudia Canepa, Coordinator of Oxfam’s Knowledge Hub on Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE), received SEEP’s Practitioner of the Year Award for her leadership and contribution to learning and collaboration in WEE.

Claudia talks about the significance of the award for Oxfam:

“It was an honor to…


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“Now I can’t be quiet” – When and why women speak out

What makes a woman speak out when everything about her context suggests it would be much easier to stay silent? In Mali, a country where women have historically held political and economic power, yet, where polygamy is common and women are largely subordinate to men, a woman decided to speak out.  She had participated in an Oxfam program that supports the development of women’s savings groups called …

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It is women’s business: mobilizing young women

During the Global Learning Event in Ethiopia of the Empower Youth for Work (EYW) program, 4 young participants of the program shared their story. They are entrepreneurs and some are part of the Youth Advisory Board in Ethiopia. Read what Tosiba Kashem, Project Coordinator EYW in Bangladesh, learned from the Ethiopian context and how…

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Feminist solutions to man-made economic inequality

Francesca Rhodes, Gender Policy Advisor, Man-Kwun Chan, Influencing Advisor, Women’s Economic Empowerment and Care, and Anam Parvez Butt, Gender Justice Research Lead at Oxfam GB outline some of the key ways public spending and taxation could reduce gender inequality.

In the words of feminist activist, Paula Varela: ‘Women……


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Want to Empower a Woman? Give her reproductive health access!

Emma Fawcett reflects on the Saving for Change and Reproductive Health programme in Mali, the success of family planning training and the importance of involving men in future phases.

Mali has one of the highest fertility rates in the world, with an average of more than 6 children per woman. Closely spaced births also…


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Investing in women’s entrepreneurship is not enough

Ahead of the Gender Smart Investing Summit, Caroline Ashley, Miranda Morgan, Thalia Kidder and Fabian Llinares set out Oxfam’s top tips for gender-smart investing.

So you want to invest in women and girls. You want to improve lives and tackle deep-seated problems. But will you be practical and ambitious, tokenistic or transformational?



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How to measure women’s empowerment so that it reflects the views and opinions of all women interviewed in a study

Measuring women’s empowerment has become more and more important for assessing development projects aimed at supporting women. Different measurement tools are available; but while most of them are designed to be as inclusive as possible, none has yet been developed to reflect the views and opinions of all the women involved in a study.

Oxfam GB is concerned with understanding the extent to which its projects have contributed to…


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las ganadoras de los premios de 2018 de liderazgo en el ámbito del empoderamiento económico de las mujeres

In English/ En français

El Centro de Conocimiento de Oxfam sobre Empoderamiento Económico de las Mujeres en la Agricultura tiene el placer de anunciar a las ganadoras de los premios de 2018 de liderazgo en el ámbito del empoderamiento…


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Le pôle de connaissance d’Oxfam sur l’autonomisation économique des femmes dans l’agriculture a le plaisir d’annoncer le nom des lauréates des Prix du leadership en matière d'autonomisation économiqu…

Le pôle de connaissance d’Oxfam sur l’autonomisation économique des femmes dans l’agriculture a le plaisir d’annoncer le nom des lauréates des Prix du leadership en matière d'autonomisation économique des femmes 2018.

26 personnes remarquables, issues de 16 pays ont été nominées (consulter l’ensemble des nominations).

Les lauréates ont impressionné le comité de sélection par l’étendue de leur travail dans les domaines du développement, humanitaire et…


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Winners of the 2018 Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) Leadership Awards!

En français / En español

Oxfam’s Knowledge Hub on Women’s Economic Empowerment in Agriculture is delighted to announce the winners of the 2018 Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE)…


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2018 WEE Leadership Awards Nominations

Oxfam’s Knowledge Hub on Women's Economic Empowerment (WEE) in Agriculture is organising the 2018 Oxfam WEE Leadership Awards to recognise staff members from across Oxfam and partner and community organisations who have shown exceptional championship of WEE. The Hub will announce the winners of this award on Thursday 21st June. 

We received nominations for 26 inspiring individuals from across 16 countries. Nominations include 15…


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Facilitating Rural Women's Participation and Recognition in Sustainable Livelihoods in Post-War Sri Lanka

I am pleased to share final report based on a joint research carried out by Oxfam Australia, Oxfam Sri Lanka and Monash University - as part of the Oxfam-Monash Partnership, on the participation of rural women in agriculture across three districts of Sri Lanka.

The study found that even though women contributed significantly to the agriculture sector - in terms of both paid and unpaid work, they were not equal recipients of resources or services, their…


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Oxfam at the 2018 International Social and Behaviour Change Communication Summit

Image of Oxfam delegates:  Front row (left to right): Gopika Bashi, India; Faqih Aulia, Indonesia; Bethel Terefe, Ethiopia; Claudia Canepa, UK; Julie Diallo, UK; Middle row (left to right): Kristine Valerio, Philippines; Jo Villanueva, Philippines; Toma Rani Saha, Bangladesh;…


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Care work matters – public services and infrastructure can make a difference

Thalia Kidder and Claudia Canepa explain why unpaid care work matters in tackling poverty and gender inequality, and discuss what can be done to recognise, reduce and redistribute the work load.

Sustainable Development Goal 5.4 mandates that governments ‘recognize and value unpaid care and…


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Technical learning from the meta-analysis of women’s empowerment projects

Kristen McCollum, consultant at the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), shares with us the learning from Oxfam’s meta-analyses on women’s empowerment.

When we first decided to conduct a meta-analysis on women’s empowerment Effectiveness Reviews (ERs), the idea was to go where no impact evaluation had gone…


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Deconstructing gender identities and power structures

Can working within existing structures lead to breakthroughs in gender equality? Daniel Morchain reflects on the contrast between points of view at the UN Commission on the Status of Women meetings last month.

The 62nd session of the Commission on the…


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