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Gender, Enterprise & Markets (GEM) and women small-holder farmers in rural Tajikistan

Building a foundation for a new generation of women small-holder farmers in rural Tajikistan

With this aim, Oxfam’s Gender, Enterprise & Markets (GEM) project supported women farmers to take initiatives to expand their knowledge, empowered roles in decision making and activities…


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A Caring Economy: What role for government?

In economics we are taught that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Even if something appears to be free, there are always costs – to you and/or society. What is…


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Four ways to make trade work for gender equality

How can trade work for, not against, gender equality? Marion Sharples shares the key messages from a recent webinar hosted by Oxfam and the Gender and Development Network.

Women’s economic empowerment is flavour of the month in policy circles, and international…


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What you might have missed in 2017

The Women's Economic Empowerment in Agriculture Community has continued to flourish this year!

We welcomed over 200 new members, and along with the WEE Leadership Awards, the WEE Global Learning Forum in Bangkok and…


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Introducing 'Unpaid Care: Why and How to Invest'

A new policy briefing entitled, Unpaid Care: Why and How to Invest is now available on…

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Why care? Unpaid Care Work and links to women's economic empowerment.

ActionAid’s POWER project now has two policy briefs on the: ‘Incorporation of Women’s Economic Empowerment and Unpaid Care Work into regional policies’.  One version is focused on South Asia and the other on…


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Critical junctures and the redistribution of care work

Women’s heavy and unequal contributions to care work are a challenge to their participation in social, economic and political life and overall wellbeing. How can project interventions change this? Senior researcher Martin Walsh reflects on the findings of two in-depth…


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Findings from a meta analysis of women's empowerment projects


What overall impact are Oxfam’s women’s empowerment projects having? Simone Lombardini and Kristen McCollum attempted to answer this question by conducting a meta-analysis of our effectiveness review evaluations. Here Simone shares the key findings.

After over six years…


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Time to act for Women’s Economic Empowerment

The United Nations Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment has yet to celebrate its second birthday yet it has already made significant strides towards its goal of building a global movement for women’s economic…

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The gender-responsiveness of agribusiness initiatives: Findings from a survey of 16 projects

An earlier Practitioner Hub blog outlined a tool that can be used by…


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Women’s work? Challenging gender roles in the Philippines

Shienna Cabus and her 4 year old daughter travel to a local water source to collect spring water for the family in Salcedo, Eastern Samar, Philippines.Credit: Aurelie Marrier d'Unienville/Oxfam

‘We forget our tiredness when the kiss is there.’ Nikki van der Gaag reports from the Philippines on a partnership that is changing ideas about men’s and women’s roles in the home.

There is a bright red advertisement on the road from Tacloban airport to the town. It has a photograph of a woman with pale skin and red lipstick and it reads: ‘Give a woman the right colour lipstick and she can conquer the world.’

As in most countries,…


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Diagnostic tool on social norms tested in Bangladesh

Caption: In this photo, Pushpita Saha is using the picture of a women to ask participants general questions around what makes a good woman (differentiated by age/marital status). A similar exercise is also done to explore what makes a good man. Asking respondents what the…


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Integrating behavioural change to accelerate women's economic empowerment

For development interventions to be successful we rely on people to behave and choose in certain ways. For example, for new advanced agricultural practices to provide benefits, farmers must adopt and use them.…


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5 ways to promote women’s economic empowerment in small rural enterprises

Investing in rural SMEs that promote women’s empowerment

Investing in small rural enterprises in developing countries is extremely challenging.  A commitment to women’s empowerment may add to this complexity as investment candidates need…


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Empower a woman and a whole cocoa community will thrive

Women’s group leader and cocoa farmer Gladys from Ghana

Do you know where chocolate comes from? Do you wonder who produced the cocoa in your chocolate and under what circumstances? Do you care if the chocolate you buy is sourced in a responsible way, with equal access and opportunity for women?

Without cocoa there is no chocolate, and without the next generation of cocoa farmers there is no cocoa. To create a sustainable supply chain, we need to transform the lives and livelihoods of cocoa growing…


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How businesses can tackle the social norms that limit women

Across the world, women make a significant contribution to global supply chains, in spite of complex hurdles that limit their inclusion and their leadership. How can businesses make it easier for women to fulfil their potential? Claudia Canepa shares some ideas from Oxfam’s private sector partnerships.

The UN High Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment (HLP) recently…


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Measuring Social Norms on WEE Programmes: Lessons from Itad’s Work in Gender Equality

The role of social norms change in economically empowering women was a hot topic at the SEEP Women’s Economic Empowerment Global Learning Forum earlier this year.

The event was opened by Professor…


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A human economy for women and men

How can we build an economy that works for everyone? Fenella Porter explains why in order to conceptualise a truly ‘human’ economy we need to look at inequalities of gender as much as inequalities of wealth.

If the world turned upside down and we replaced all the women with men, and all the men with women, we still wouldn’t have gender equality.

This is because although there are many examples of women and men who have crossed the gender…


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Does providing energy access improve the lives of women and girls? Sort of.

We’ve all see the photos of women and girls in developing countries carrying large bundles of wood on their backs, transporting the fuel they need over long distances in order to prepare meals for their families. Women are recognized to be more prone to the burdens of energy poverty because they’re responsible for tasks that would be made easier and safer if they had access to better energy sources, like liquid petroleum gas (LPG), modern cookstoves, and electricity.  These…


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Cultivating Opportunities for Women in Agriculture

Tanzanian smallholder farmer Jaconda Chengula sits atop her maize harvest.

Women are essential contributors to agriculture around the world. In low-income countries, women make up approximately 40 percent of the agricultural labor force. Yet women often have less access than men to necessary resources, services, time, and markets, hindering their productivity. Findings from CGAP’s national…


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