Women's Economic Empowerment in Agriculture Knowledge Hub

Women's Economic Empowerment in Agriculture Knowledge Hub

Africa Climate Change Resiliance Alliance (ACCRA)

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The ACCRA alliance is made up of Oxfam GB, ODI, Save the Children International, Care International and World Vision International. Oxfam is the ACCRA lead internationally and in Ethiopia. ACCRA believes climate justice is possible. It seeks improved national decision-making in order to reduce vulnerability and to support communities’ agency and resilience. ACCRA has been working on climate change adaptation and resilience in Ethiopia, Uganda and Mozambique for 4 years supporting governments, civil society and the wider development community to lead, design, co-produce and deliver integrated and context-specific research, capacity building and advocacy.


ACCRA's Approach

ACCRA’s contribution is shaped by an integrated approach to achieving change, made up of three nationally-led, designed and delivered operational components:


1. Research

In Phase 1 (2009-2011), ACCRA has developed a Local Adaptive Capacity Framework (LAC) that provides the foundations for the research component. In Phase 2 (2012-2014), ACCRA continues to produce evidence that demonstrates how to incorporate adaptive capacity into development programming. Different action-oriented research tools have been developed and tested, such as ACCRA’s Resilience Game for delivering innovative and interactive capacity building on flexible forward looking decision making.


ACCRA's Resilience Game in Uganda


2. Capacity Building

ACCRA is implementing capacity-building activities to support policy and practice of government actors at national level and in selected focus districts/zones. ACCRA is also conducting a series of skills and knowledge development trainings for civil society organisations and ACCRA staff members. In its approach ACCRA is committed to cross-programme learning and sharing of good practices between the three countries through a variety of meetings and exchange visits.


3. Advocacy

Advocacy and influencing strategies have been designed in response to national stakeholder’s assessments of each country’s opportunities, challenges and gaps. The countries have been supported internationally with learning exchanges, good practice and a methodology based on understanding power and change. ACCRA is also working with international and national civil society members to formulate a global ask on adaptation.


Read more about ACCRA's model or have a look at ACCRA's overarching brochure.


Strategic Areas of Engagement



  • The Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) Vision
  • Disaster Risk Management and Food Security Sector (DRMFSS)
  • Training for impact: Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Management





  • Capacity building as the foundation for effective programmes, better policy and integrating community voices into decision-making on CCA and DRR
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: indicators and framework for measuring impact of climate change adaptation interventions


ACCRA Contacts




Find out more about ACCRA on Oxfam’s Policy & Practice website or on ACCRA's homepage.


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