11 ways women in Nigeria can become financially independent

Dear all,

Earlier this month, the Guardian hold a Q&A session moderated by a panel of experts on "How can women in Nigeria become economically empowered and contribute to the development of the country?"

The following key themes emerged from the discussions.

  1. Break gender norms in childhood
  2. Work with religious and traditional leaders
  3. Encourage employers to hire inclusively
  4. Pass a gender equality law
  5. Get women access to capital
  6. Recognise informal workers
  7. Make travel safer for women
  8. End violence against women at home and work
  9. Teach boys to respect women
  10. Use emergencies as opportunities
  11. Look at wider inequality in Nigeria

To read more on those suggestions, read the Guardian article here.

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There are very good findings. Thanks for sharing!



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